Children's Choice Dental Leases 7461 SF at Stone Point Plaza

Aug 21, 2018
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Welcome to Results Realty, your trusted source for all things related to real estate. We are excited to share the latest development in the Business and Consumer Services category - Children's Choice Dental has recently leased an impressive 7461 square feet space at Stone Point Plaza. This press release provides a detailed overview of this exciting new venture and showcases the positive impact it will have on the community.

About Children's Choice Dental

Children's Choice Dental is a renowned dental care provider specializing in pediatric dentistry. With their commitment to delivering exceptional dental services in a comfortable and child-friendly environment, they have gained a strong reputation among families in the area. Their team of highly skilled and compassionate dentists and staff prioritize the oral health and well-being of every child they treat.

Stone Point Plaza: A Prime Location

Stone Point Plaza is an impressive commercial property strategically located in a bustling area, offering convenience and accessibility to its tenants and visitors. With its modern architecture, ample parking spaces, and proximity to major transport links, it has become a sought-after destination for businesses looking to set up their operations.

A Perfect Match

Children's Choice Dental and Stone Point Plaza are a perfect match. The exceptional design and layout of the leased space at Stone Point Plaza will allow Children's Choice Dental to provide top-notch dental care to their young patients. The convenient location will ensure that families can easily access their services, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.

Benefits of the New Lease

The new lease by Children's Choice Dental at Stone Point Plaza brings numerous benefits to both the dental practice and the community:

1. Expanded Services

With the additional space, Children's Choice Dental can now expand their range of services and accommodate a larger number of patients. This means shorter waiting times and more convenient appointment options for families.

2. State-of-the-Art Facilities

Stone Point Plaza offers modern facilities and amenities, allowing Children's Choice Dental to provide the highest standard of dental care using advanced equipment and technology. Patients can expect a comfortable and cutting-edge dental experience.

3. Enhanced Community Access

Being situated in Stone Point Plaza means that Children's Choice Dental is easily accessible for families residing in the surrounding neighborhoods. The central location and ample parking make it convenient for parents to bring their children for regular dental check-ups and treatments.

Commitment to the Community

Results Realty commends Children's Choice Dental for their commitment to improving the oral health of children in the community. By providing comprehensive dental care and promoting good oral hygiene habits from an early age, Children's Choice Dental contributes to the overall health and well-being of future generations. Their dedication to serving the community aligns perfectly with Results Realty's values.


The partnership between Children's Choice Dental and Stone Point Plaza marks a significant milestone in the real estate and dental care sectors. As a leading provider of real estate solutions, Results Realty is proud to support this new venture and looks forward to witnessing the positive impact it will have on the community. For more information about this exciting development, please contact Results Realty or visit our website.

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